A Better Way to Coffee

Our Story

Most of us can't function without coffee in our lives. We love the taste, we love the ritual, and we love the caffeine kick it gives us. What we don't love is chugging a stale K-cup coffee before our 8am meeting, or spilling a scalding hot Dunkin Donuts on our lap as we're trying to board a plane. 

We figured there must be a way to get great tasting caffeine when our favorite barista-made almond milk light whip cappuccino just isn't available. So we quit our jobs and set out to solve this problem. After a year of testing and tinkering, a revolutionary coffee product was born. 

Unlike other bars, we don't pack them with additives, carbs and sugar. We don't need to. Because we developed a proprietary blend that tastes great and has only 2g of sugar and <100 calories. 

Our Founder

Julianna began her journey by driving a U-Haul across the country, without a job, to pursue her dreams in the Big Apple. She has since spent her career working at early-stage start-ups helping to build and grow multiple companies. 

As a New Yorker, entrepreneur, and new mom, she's no stranger to needing a kick of caffeine to get her through early morning wake-ups and late nights.

Your new favorite kick of caffeine